Version Management with Git

Git is used by 1/3rd of developers to manage their source code, and is a fantastic tool that makes life as a developer much easier.

This courses will introduce you to Git, how it works and how it can improve your working practices, whether you’re a team of 1 or 100.

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If you’ve worked as a web designer or developer for any time you’ll probably realise that moving files around with an FTP client isn’t the best way of working.

This becomes even more true if you’ve ever worked in a team with another developer!

The solution? Version management!

We’ll also introduce you to GitHub, and how it can supercharge your use of Git to help you manage your projects and even help with tracking and solving bugs.

You’ll also get plenty of practice using Git in a team, so you’re ready to start working with other developers straight away.

  • Introduction to Version Control Systems
  • Git architecture and philosophy vs. SVN
  • Git terminology
  • Setting Git up on your machine
  • Using Git on the command line (terminal), key to understanding what goes on behind a Git GUI
  • Handling SSH keys for user authentication, both locally and on a server
  • Setting up projects in GitHub and working with them locally and on a remote server
  • Commiting work into Git, resolving conflicts
  • Introduction to Gitflow, a Git workflow that uses a branching model designed around project releases
  • Removing and ignoring files from version management
  • Best security practice for working with web projects
  • Using branches, releases and tags

Perfect for someone who has already worked as a developer, whether front-end or back-end, and is looking to add version management best practice to their skillset.

Maybe you’re a freelancer, have used SVN in the past or have joined a team that uses Git and need to get up-to-speed.

Or maybe you’re a development team of one looking for better processes for managing and releasing code.

Whatever your need, learning Git is a great skill for any developer.

To get the most out of this course you should have experience writing code, e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or even Python. Either way, you’re going to need some code you can version manage to make use of Git in your work.

Some experience with command line or terminal will make things easier, but they needn’t be advanced skills. We’ll cover the basics anyway, such as cd, mkdir and nano/vim/vi.

We’ll help you either get started or build on your existing skills with version management, and its use in your development workflow.

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Oli Ward

Technical Director / Develop Me Co-founder



“Git is an industry standard nowadays, the workshop gave me the confidence to start using Git and implementing it in my agency. For small agencies having the potential to share web projects and involve independent developers is empowering and enabling.” – David Thompson, Web Developer @ Hibbert Harwood