Designing and building a RESTful API with node.js

node.js is a JavaScript runtime which allows JavaScript code to be executed on the server. It’s non-blocking, event driven approach makes it ideal for building APIs which can scale to thousands of concurrent connections.

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REST is a set of rules for describing client-server interaction. A RESTful API is an API which is designed to be compatible with the REST standard. By building an API in a RESTful manner, you can be confident that clients can consume your data with ease.

During this workshop we’ll learn how to build a RESTful API for creating, retrieving, updating and deleting database entries.

– Designing a RESTful API for CRUD operations (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete)
– Approaching implementation of the API using a Test-Driven approach
– Implementing the CRUD actions using node.js and express.js
– Implementing sorting, pagination and filtering for the Retrieve operation
– Adding non-RESTful actions
– Adding authentication to your API
– Implementing rate limiting to mitigate denial of service attacks
– Discussing options for deploying your API
– Scaling the API using the cluster module
– Documenting your API

– node.js v6 + npm v3
– MongoDB server
– Git
– Text editor (e.g. Sublime Text)

Technical knowledge:

– Intermediate-level understanding of JavaScript
– Understanding of ES6 basics (let, const, template strings, classes)
– Basic knowledge of CLI usage
– Basic knowledge of git

No prior knowledge of node.js is necessary, but a basic understanding of it will be useful

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Tom Spencer

Web Application Developer