User Experience Design Fundamentals

A 2-day course covering the fundamentals of User Experience Design delivered in-house to organisations.

Content can be tailored to each business or industry and is delivered by industry experts.

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Course Overview

Design is the name we give to the task of creating something useful and beautiful. It relies on a multi-disciplinary approach that includes: user research and testing; interface design & brand.

Design for digital – ‘Useful, Beautiful, Digital’.

Day 1: Research & discovery

  1. Intro
  2. Business & brand
  3. User research methods
  4. Communicating the User Experience

Day 2: Design & testing

  1. Intro
  2. Concept & prototyping
  3. Graphic design & interaction design
  4. Testing designs


Jointly run by digital designer Matt French and UX consultant Stuart Church. They have worked together for over a decade for clients including Sky, The NHS, The office for National Statistics and Bristol University.

Matt French specialises in graphic and interaction design, and is Head of Design at the award winning agency 3Sixty. Stuart Church is a UX consultant specialising in UX research & design prototyping and is a founder of The Bristol Usability Group and UX Bristol Conference.

With these complimentary skillsets, their aim is provide a course that demonstrates a holistic approach to User Experience design.

Workshop Curriculum

Day 1 – Research & discovery

Introduction to User Experience
We explore the foundations of User Experience. It’s history, terminology and some of the key concepts that frame how we approach design problems. We also discuss the use (and mis-use) of different design processes from waterfall to agile.

Business & brand
We explore what success means and how we capture an ‘experience vision’ for how the design should benefit customers and users. Often a political process, it involves research and exploration of internal business goals and strategies, and aligning these views towards a common design goal.

User research techniques
Capturing requirements is vital for establishing a clear vision for the design of a website or application. However, knowing when to do research and what types of methods to use can be a minefield. In this session, we explore practical methods for gaining insights into user goals, attitudes and behaviours. These include online surveys, web analytics and contextual research.

Communicating UX
The translation of research findings into actionable insights is one of the great challenges of design. In this session, we explore the importance of communication and collaboration, and consider different methods and techniques for effectively communicating research insights (e.g. personas, task models, user journeys)

Day 2 – Design & testing

Why design & test?
Internet, web standards, mobile web 1st, apps.
Interaction design: utility & beauty
Design principles
Brand archetypes
The brief

Concept & Prototyping
High level workflow: (Brief to HTML templates).
Familiarisation with key tools such as UX Pin and InVision
Review UX research (activity)
Sketch user journey(s) (activity)
Prototyping & testing (activity)
Art direction & Style tiles (activity)
Type specs & grids.
Designing for personas.
Writing content for the web.
Interaction design / animation

Graphic & Interaction design
Trends in design. (Material design)
Modular design (components).
HTML style guide
Responsive design.
Hierarchy & visual tension.
Type on the web.
Buttons, links & CTA’s
Forms & validation

What to measure?
Planning & recruitment
Moderated testing
Remote moderated testing
Unmoderated testing
AB & MV testing
Satisfactions metrics
Semantic differentials

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Stuart Church

User Experience Consultant


Matt French

Head of Design Agency Side