Frequently Asked Questions

There are no specific eligibility criteria in order to apply for the Coding Fellowship. We take applicants very much on a case by case basis. We don’t expect you to have a certain level of education or previous work experience in any specific field. That said it’s likely you will enjoy problem solving and figuring out how things work, be naturally curious and certainly have a real thirst to learn about how the web works and ambition to make coding a big part of your life and career.

Coding isn’t for everyone, it can be complicated, mind boggling and frustrating at times. Doing it in 12 weeks, to a level where you’ll be ready to enter the industry, adds a whole new level of difficulty. You’ll often feel out of your depth, so it will help you if that isn’t something that concerns you.

The many ‘eureka!’ moments make it all worthwhile!

No previous experience of coding is required to apply for the Fellowship, we will set some pre-course prep work for you to complete before starting and also require you to attend a free intro workshop with us.

At the workshop you will get the chance to turn your hand to coding and make sure it’s for you. There is some recommended prep before that too – just to make sure you get the most from the session.

There’s a list of recommended reading and a number of external free resources we will link you to in preparation.

Of course, any previous experience you can bring will help you get to grips with the torrent of new concepts and terminology.

There is a pre-course programme of work to complete beforehand, it’s a useful way to get all of the cohort to a similar level and make sure everyone is comfortable with at least some of the terminology and core concepts you’ll be using. Our pre-course work is a minimum of 40 hours worth of exercises and reading.

The core hours are 09:30 – 17:30, Monday to Friday. Outside of that it’s likely you will spend your evenings doing extra study, meeting with your mentor, attending a talk or hack night (of which there are many in Bristol & Bath) or working on projects. Typically you should expect to spend upwards of 50 hours per week learning to code during the 12 week programme.

There’s lots of collaboration throughout the course, initially you will start by working individually and refining your workflows and working practices as a solo developer (although even in this period you’ll find yourselves working through problems together as a group and in pairs) – later in the programme you’ll begin working on projects in pairs and in the last few weeks as a larger team using Git to manage your work and workflows in a team environment (as you would in a real world development team).

We don’t have any plans to cover Ruby at present. We teach JavaScript and PHP as our core programming languages. We spend time on JavaScript frameworks (in particular React) and PHP CMS & MVC frameworks (WordPress, Drupal & Laravel). We aim to give our students a broad foundation and set them up with the best skills and tools to set them on their careers as web developers. Having learnt a number of different languages, frameworks and tools with us you will be well positioned to go on learning new tech post graduation.

We teach PHP instead of Ruby for a number of reasons. PHP is a great base language to learn the fundamentals of programming, it’s widely used by digital businesses across the world, and probably more importantly for you, here in Bristol & Bath. The number of companies using Ruby is significantly less than those that use PHP both in the UK and internationally, so it’s a more in-demand skill set. That’s not to say that Ruby developers aren’t in demand too, just that proportionally PHP opens up more opportunities.

In order to ‘reserve’ a place we would require a non-refundable deposit from you. We would need to meet you first of course, and understand you would likely want to meet us too! If you would like to see where we are, meet some of the current cohort and have a coffee you’re more than welcome to pop down and visit us at our studio at the Paintworks in Bristol.

Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a convenient time to visit.

The tech community in Bristol is incredible! We’re very lucky to be part of such a vibrant and welcoming digital hub. There is a wealth of regular meetups, talk nights, hack nights, conferences and digital festivals. We try to attend at least one event a week as the entire cohort, but many of our students will attend more in smaller groups or independently.

Attending these events is great for meeting the community and potential future employers, as well as for learning.

Bristol and Bath is the largest digital hub outside of London. We’re renowned for being a leader in the digital industries and have a huge number of tech, digital and creative businesses here – many of these need web and software developers regularly. It’s widely recognised that there’s a huge skills gap in tech and digital, this is only going to keep growing as the industry keeps expanding and education struggles to keep up with the requirements.