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About this workshop

AngularJS is a lightweight JavaScript framework that has been developed by Google as an open source project. Since it was released in October 2010 it’s quickly become the JavaScript framework of choice for many developers wanting to add dynamic content and behaviour to their websites.

As it’s a JavaScript framework AngularJS runs on the client rather than the server, and as we’re seeing with more and more JavaScript MV* frameworks at the moment, Angular is enabling developers to make much faster, more powerful “app-like” websites without being so reliant on server processing power and bandwidth.

Whether you want to make your web ‘page’ feel more like a web ‘app’ or you simply want to add small snippets of dynamic interaction into your website, the AngularJS framework is the perfect choice for you.

Things you’ll learn

  • AngularJS Databinding
  • Controllers & Dependency Injection
  • Structuring your AngularJS application
  • Using AJAX
  • Single Page Applications
  • AngularJS Services
  • AngularJS Resources
  • AngularJS Promises

What you can expect from the day

This 1 day workshop will be a mixture of topic presentations and hands-on projects. We believe you learn best by doing so allow plenty of time for putting the theory into practice. By the end of the day you will have built a simple single page application using AngularJS and be able to start implementing your new knowledge in your everyday development work.

Prerequisites & Preparation

You’ll need your own laptop for this session and a few tools / programs pre-installed. Prior to the session please can you install the following:

  • AngularJS source files version 1.3.14 (
  • A webserver (IIS or Apache) running on your laptop
  • Your IDE of choice

You will also need an intermediate to advanced knowledge of JavaScript and HTML

About the instructor

Maff Rigby is a professional freelance software & web developer, the creator of getTestr and an avid tech blogger. He specialises in AngularJS, .net and Umbraco to build awesome sites for some pretty awesome clients. Having worked at a number of local digital agencies and software houses Maff has had the opportunity to hone his craft whilst building complex solutions for some major global brands.

He also talks at conferences, runs workshops like this one and has put together a really great video tutorial series on AngularJS, which can be found over at his website here.

You can find out more about Maff in these places: