About us

Develop Me is a talent and digital skills accelerator – creating a highly skilled community for the 21st century digital world.

Our core learning programmes are a full-time 12 week bootcamp programmes; the Coding Fellowship – a web developer bootcamp – and a UX Design immersive. We also run a part-time front-end course, one-day digital skills workshops and bespoke courses to upskill company workforces and empower people to participate in the innovation economy.

We believe the future of innovation will be through disruptive technologies and collaborative social business models. However, more importantly, we believe the change will come from people. Empowered people, people with ideas and most importantly people with the skills and knowledge to make things happen. The world of digital technology holds so many innovative solutions for society and the web is one of the most democratic tools ever created.

We also believe very strongly that nobody should get ‘left behind’ in the new economy. As the digital revolution increasingly touches every aspect of our lives, the UK needs a technology workforce that reflects the full diversity of the people who use that technology. However, the demographics of the tech sector have come under scrutiny with most of the major players revealing that their workforces are anything but diverse – being predominantly white, middle class and male.

Develop Me was established as a business with a social mission; to ensure we create inclusive opportunities to enable access for everyone in society to participate in the digital economy. A platform to allow ideas people, developers, coders, designers and creative technologists to share and expand their knowledge.

Integral to our social business model is the creation of our ‘Opportunity Fund’ which provides corporate partners, sponsors and individuals a direct way to invest in financial support and training for underrepresented sections of society into the digital industries.

As a company we also directly invest 10% from the ticket price of our one day workshop programme into our ‘Opportunity Fund’. This enables us to train and up-skill a person from an underrepresented community on one of our introductory workshops for free.

The Team

Oli Ward



Pete New



Al Kennedy



Ruth John

Bootcamp Instructor - Front-End & Part-time Course Lead


Mark Wales

Bootcamp Instructor - JavaScript, React & Laravel

Tom Spencer

Bootcamp Instructor - React Native


Pete Thomas

Bootcamp Instructor & Web Developer

Hannah Smith

Bootcamp Instructor - WordPress


Kye Buffery

Bootcamp Instructor Support & Web Developer