Nik like many others, got to a point in his career where his day job was losing its appeal. He had a reasonable level of coding experience already, however, has found revisiting the fundamentals at the start of the bootcamp really useful in cementing the knowledge he already had and preparing him for what’s to come over the next 3 months and beyond!


Bootcamp Student NikWhat was your background/career before you joined the Coding Fellowship bootcamp?

I studied Mechanical Engineering receiving a ScB (Bachelors of Science) undergraduate degree and staying for a 5th year ScM (Master of Science) degree, graduating in 2012.

I then worked for the Electronic Medical Record software company Epic in Madison, Wisconsin, starting in the “Technical Services” division supporting healthcare organisations with their use of the software.

In this role I learnt to read, write, and troubleshoot back-end code (based on MUMPS). In later years I advanced on to more project management and managerial roles working with healthcare organisations based out of the Epic Dubai (3yrs) and Epic Bristol (1.5yrs) offices before finding Develop Me.

Why consider a coding bootcamp?

I had reached a point of burnout in my previous job and also wasn’t finding as much enjoyment in the project management/management role I had moved into.

What were your main concerns before enrolling on the bootcamp?

Will the course truly set me up for industry standard work in 16 weeks? Will it be worth the investment? Will I actually enjoy coding and programming?

How have those fears been dispelled 2 weeks into the bootcamp?

I’m feeling pretty confident on the “industry standard” part at this point and so far have been impressed by the instructors knowledge about what is typically used in the working world.

I’ll have to see about the investment part in a few years probably, but so far things are indicating yes!

I am enjoying the course more than I thought I would and am excited to start the course each day. It’s fantastic and I enjoy the structure, the balance of lectures, exercises, and projects.

What level of coding had you done before the course?

The only experience I had before the course was basic HTML through WordPress. This is what got me interested in coding.

How would you describe your experience so far on the bootcamp?

As I mentioned before I had done quite a bit, although I had not used this knowledge in my work for probably 2.5 years.

The course is great about covering the fundamentals for folks that have no experience, and this has been good for me to cement in my knowledge (and learn things I’d been taught improperly). On the flip side the instructors have been great about providing additional challenges for the more experienced students.

Nik studying remotelyDue to Covid-19 the learning environment is different to what you expected when you enrolled, now you are learning remotely, how are you finding it?

Learning-wise I don’t feel like it’s negatively impacted the experience much at all. I think I’m probably getting a little less out of overhearing other students questions or asking quick questions because you have to jump into a Hangouts.

I also think it’s a good “trial run” to see if I’d like freelance or extended remote work.

How would you describe the support on the course so far?

The support has been great. The instructors and teaching assistants are very available and I feel comfortable asking any questions I have. The weekly 1-1s are also good to know how you’re doing overall.

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