Maddy had the same concern about the intensity of a Bootcamp that many others have. She talks here about how her fears have so far been unfounded primarily due to the level of support offered at all times on the course.

What was your background before joining the Bootcamp?

I worked for 5 years in analyst roles working with health data. Before that I worked as an assistant in the coordination of clinical trials.

Why did you choose to join a coding bootcamp at this point of your career?

I did some programming using R (a language used in statistical analysis) in my previous roles, and found I really enjoyed it.

I also did some online courses, and as I liked these, it further convinced me that a career in web development could suit me. I was also really attracted to the variety of roles available in web development.

I saw the fellowship as a great way to quickly gain the skills I would need to get my first job in tech.

What concerns did you have before enrolling?

I worried about the intensity of the course, and how I would cope with learning so much in a short period of time.

How have those worries been addressed after a few weeks on the course?

The course is definitely intense, but the support from the instructors and teaching assistants has been great, so I haven’t felt out of my depth. I have been really impressed with the quality of the teaching, and the insight into how things are done ‘in the real world’.

How do you feel about having to do the course remotely?

I have been really impressed with the setup of remote working on the course. It’s easy to ask for help if I am stuck, so I do not feel isolated. It’s disappointing that we are not able to do the course in person at the moment, but I think DevelopMe have done a really good job in the circumstances.

How do you feel about the rest of the course support?

The support has been great. There is always help available if I need it, and it’s good to have the 1-to-1 sessions at the end of the week to go through any concerns I might have.

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