Henry is a recent University graduate so has found coding at an early stage in his career and is thoroughly enjoying the journey so far.

Why did you decide to do a coding bootcamp?

I had wanted to do something like this for a while, however, as I had only just finished studying at uni I did not want to spend a large amount of time back in the classroom again. So an intense bootcamp to turn around a new skill quickly solved that problem.

What concerns did you have before enrolling?

Primarily around how good the job prospects are after finishing the course and being unsure of how difficult the process of getting placed in industry was.

Now, 3 weeks into the course I understand the job application process and what is needed for that to go smoothly.

Henry Coding Fellowship Bootcamp studentWhat level of coding had you done before the course?

Very basic – just the preparation work Develop Me gave me and a small amount of freecodecamp. However, so far I am keeping up well, feeling positive and enjoying the journey!

You are learning in a remote classroom rather than on site, which is different to what you expected – how are you coping?

The remote situation is going well due to the level of support the lecturers and TAs give.

How do you feel about the rest of the course support?

The overall support for the students on top of the code tuition is really useful.

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