It is exciting to hear that our students enjoy the Coding Fellowship so much that they just want to keep on going and going with their learning. Nic loved the fully breadth of the curriculum despite initially being anxious as to whether this would be daunting during the 12 weeks.

What was your background/career before you joined the Coding Bootcamp?

I was a product owner.

Nic Coding Fellowship Student

Why are you attending the Coding Bootcamp?

To move my career into the technical side of IT and Web Development

What were your main questions/concerns before joining the Bootcamp?

The breadth of content and being able to take it all in.

How does your experience on the Coding Bootcamp now answer those questions/concerns?

The course is structured in a fashion that a lot of topics are built upon week to week.

What was your coding experience before the Course?

I had self taught via Codecademy but never worked on a project.

How have you found the Bootcamp so far?

Really rewarding, not only have I enjoyed it but I am also really proud that I’ve learnt so much in such little time. Something I didn’t know I was capable of.

What have you enjoyed most?

This is the hardest question as it all been great. I was surprised by how much i enjoyed building an API but also building my own design and website in WordPress week was also really fun.
Nic with the rest of his fellow students
What have you found hardest? 

I really like PHP and building API’s. It’s tricky but when you get it to work that is the best feeling.

How would you describe the support on the Bootcamp?

The One to Ones are a great touch and ideal for you to learn you strengths and weaknesses in a nice environment.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of attending our Coding Bootcamp in Bristol?

There will be times when something doesn’t make sense, when this happens have faith in the lecturer and just go with it. It will make sense later, the trick is not to dive too deep sometimes.

What role are you looking for after the Bootcamp? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Hopefully, I will be skilled up enough to begin my career as a developer a part of a team within a company, I would really love to try and stay as full stack as possible as I’ve enjoyed working across both the front end and back end so much I don’t want to stop.


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