Ellie was not long out of studying before she decided to enrol on our September 2019 Bootcamp. She surprised herself by having favourite parts of the course that she didn’t anticipate!

Ellie Coding Fellowship Bootcamp Student at her computerWhat was your background/career before you joined the Coding Bootcamp?

I did a degree in Music a couple of years of go, then worked in a call centre and publishing.

What was your coding experience before the Course?

In my publishing role I got into the practice of noticing really small details and enjoyed making everything consistent and organised. It was part of my role to make short HTML ‘weblinks’ pages as part of our product, and this gave me the first introduction to coding. From there, I got inspired and decided to do some research online myself.

I realised that using this more technical side of my brain to really solve problems and create working things myself, was really rewarding and satisfying and I wanted to know more. The Fellowship really just offered an opportunity to learn a wide variety of useful skills but in an environment with other people in the same position and being taught by real experts in the field.

What were your main questions/concerns before joining the Bootcamp?

My main concern before committing to the bootcamp was whether or not I’d be able to actually commit all this new information to memory! I was worried that we’d be touching each subject so briefly that I’d forget it all and lose confidence straight away.

How does your experience on the Coding Bootcamp now answer those questions/concerns?

I’ve learnt on the bootcamp that you often don’t need to commit it all to memory, there are a wide variety of sources online to remind you of specific commands/functions. The real skill is in knowing which resources to use and rely upon. Despite learning a new technology/language almost every week, I’ve had loads of time to practice some main principles which really crop up in almost all the technology we’ve used.

What have you enjoyed most on the Bootcamp?

I have really enjoyed Javascript which was a surprise. I was expecting to prefer the more design type content but I have really actually likes the logic and maths side of Javascript.
Nic with the rest of his fellow students
What have you found hardest? 

Over the whole 12 weeks I definitely found the Redux week the hardest of the curriculum. I think a lot of the other students may feel the same as me on this one. This is mainly because it added an extra layer of complexity to what we were doing and we suddenly went from just using a handful of files to a really large number of files. Within the week however I got more used to following the path between each file and what each file did and with a bit of patience and persistence I became fairly confident using it.

How have you found the support on the Bootcamp?

There is always someone there to help me, however, generally we are encouraged to work on our problems ourselves. But of course when I have really got stuck there has always been a teaching assistant to help me.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of attending our Coding Bootcamp in Bristol?

Make sure you give yourself time outside the course to let your brain consolidate your learnings – it is very intense so do not over book yourself outside of the course and take it easy.

What role are you looking for after the Bootcamp? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I have enjoyed both the front and the back end so if I can find a role that combines both that would be great so I can really keep learning.

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