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“A learner-driven revolution in education is unfolding around the world”… is the opening sentence from the 2019 Pearson ‘Global Learning Survey’.

The survey was conducted recently with learners aged 16-70 in nineteen countries on subjects such as the quality of their nation’s education system, careers and the future of work and technology – marking a clear shift away from more traditional educational models.

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Develop Me have always focussed intently on our learners experience – the clue is in our company name. With over 5 years of very successful delivery of our learning programmes; we are more student-centred than ever, and absolutely passionate in supporting people looking to upskill or accelerate their current or future tech careers.

The traditional, linear career path is a thing of the past. The world is changing rapidly and more traditional educational institutions are not adapting fast enough to keep up with learner needs – especially in digital and technology skills training.

“Around the world, learners still place a great deal of faith in education to help them achieve success. But, the way they are obtaining that education is changing and it’s all because the new talent economy has arrived with its gig jobs, unconventional career paths and tech disruption.”

 Yes – tech skills are fundamental in our learning programmes at Develop Me, but it is fundamentally all about people. Everyone has a different and unique journey. Our absolute focus is on helping people to get to where they want to go – both in terms of industry-relevant technical skills and also in supporting them with the vital skills required to make their learning journey a success.

We believe in skills over qualifications.

We also believe collaboration, team work, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, problem solving are the skills required in the 21st century workforce – all married with a passion and purpose. We won’t call them ‘soft skills’ – as these are the fundamental skill-set required in any 21st century workforce.

Upskilling and reskilling are a global challenge for employers. The Pearson report states that employers are interested in outside support for everything from identifying the employees to engage (47%), to measuring the outcomes of learning and development programs (47%) to developing content and curriculum (43%).

We believe that our responsibility as ‘educators’ is that we need to start collaborating better together to build a holistic ‘ecosystem approach’ to service the talent demand from industry employers. The talent economy of the future must be more collaborative; delivered at reasonable cost with shared responsibility, inclusivity and accountability on the intended outcomes. Created and developed in mutual partnerships and progressive alliances with Universities, Colleges and Employers; where the student is at the centre of the experience.

John Fallon, chief executive of Pearson, said: “Gig jobs, unconventional careers, tech disruption and lifelong learning have ushered in the talent economy. Now more than ever, learners understand the need for lifelong education. People are meeting the demands of this new world of work by taking control of their own learning. Now, technology and innovation are giving educators, governments and companies the greatest opportunity in human history to rise to the occasion and improve lives through education.”

Our ambition is to continue to design and deliver responsive and adaptive learning programmes which can compliment an existing degree, vocational or employer-led learning programmes. We hope to explore this “new universe of opportunities to help people learn in more accessible ways, more affordably and with better outcomes.”

If you are a University, College or Employer in the Bristol or SW region – please do get in touch to discuss how we could collaborate in the development of learner-driven programmes in digital and tech skills.

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