As we conduct more and more of our daily personal and business lives online, it’s never been more critical for digital services to create seamless interactions and user experiences that are both intuitive and effective.

As a result, businesses are recruiting talent to help design interactive services that bridge the gap between people and technology – this is the role of the UX Designer.

In direct response to this demand we’ve created the User Experience (UX) Design Bootcamp – a part-time 10 week, project driven, intensive course developed and delivered by industry experts.

This new course – aimed at beginners with no previous design or technical experience – will teach all the skills required to research, define, design and develop digital services and products – based upon user-centred design principles.

The first Bristol intake starts in September 2018 – applications are open now – please apply here.

If you would like to find out more about the application process please contact us.