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I studied Jewellery Design at University and went on to work for a jewellery company in London as their website manager. This involved uploading photos, producing newsletters, helping redesign their eCommerce website and going through a branding change.

Why are you attending the Coding Fellowship?

2 years ago I decided I wanted to change career and started running my own jewellery business. I wanted to learn to code to add more strings to my bow to help my business.

When I worked for the jewellery company our website was built by Meanbee. From my experience of working with them I thought their job sounded really interesting. I’m looking forward to being on the other side of the fence soon!

What role are you looking for after the Coding Fellowship?

I want to work within the Bristol tech scene, and the Coding Fellowship is a great route into that.

I like the creative aspect of web development, and would be very happy working for a company on in-house projects, or working for an agency in a client-facing role.

What was your coding experience before the Coding Fellowship?

I had used Codecademy’s online resources a little, mostly just learning some HTML and CSS is as far as I’d got.

How have you found the Fellowship so far?

Really good! Learning is always satisfying, especially when you’re studying something that a few weeks ago seemed like gobbledegook: incomprehensible, impenetrable & possibly, actually, maybe just magic?

Now I get to revel in being on the opposite side of that equation – I’m really relishing the feeling of ultimate power you get when something starts working correctly!

All the other members of the cohort are sound as a pound, as are the tutors. The workspace is brilliant (especially the pingpong table ) & I’m now completely addicted to caffeine, which I feel can only be a good thing.

What have you enjoyed most?

The jQuery week – what had been a dreadful fuzz of confusion and syntax errors the week before with JavaScript, seemed to gradually clear over that week.

What have you found hardest?

JavaScript – without a shadow of a doubt. It was my first introduction to true programming (other than the preparation tutorial on Codecademy) & I actually had a bit of a brain meltdown on Tuesday. However, Mark – our tutor – was very patient & clear, & eventually it started to make sense.


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